Allbirds and World Central Kitchen

JULY, 2020

Caring about protecting the planet means caring about protecting its people. That’s why we teamed up with World Central Kitchen to help support their mission of using food as a powerful agent of positive change in communities around the world.

Running Towards Relief

As part one of our long-term partnership, we initiated the Strava Dasher 5k Challenge. With more than 150,000 participants, the challenge resulted in a $50,000 donation to World Central Kitchen’s COVID-19 relief efforts, which served 25 million+ meals to those most impacted by the crisis.

Shoes With a Purpose

Continuing our collaboration, we introduced a Limited Edition Tree Dasher in July, 2020, with 100% of the proceeds donated directly to World Central Kitchen. The shoe, designed with cues taken from the World Central Kitchen logo, sold out in less than five hours.

Building a Sustainable Future

Throughout the second half of 2020 and into 2021, we’ll be providing Tree Dashers for the World Central Kitchen team on the ground while supporting the organization in going 100% carbon neutral. Working together, we’re laying the foundation for a future where the wellbeing of humans and the planet are protected in tandem.