Returns & exchanges

Looking to return or exchange?

We’ll help you get on the right foot. Just pick your country, and have your shipping zip code and order number in hand. You’ll find your order number in your Allbirds Order Confirmation email. Then off ewe go!

Our Return Policy

30 days, no questions asked. Not bad, huh? If you’re not walking on clouds by day 30, you can return/exchange your shoes for free, even if you've worn them out in the wild!

Couple of things: Our Trino ™ socks and undies, the packaging has to be unopened, but you still have 30 days to mull it over. Accessories cannot be returned/exchanged. And returns/exchanges can only be done in the country of purchase. We all need a little fencing here and there.

Outlet Store Return Policy:

Our Full Price and Excess styles can be returned within 30 days, no questions asked. Same goes for Accessories that are unworn and in their original packaging. Returns can be made at our outlet locations only. 
One note: Sales for Imperfect Styles (minus Tree Breezers) are final.

Gift Exchanges

Uncle Pete gift you the same pair as last year? Not to worry. Flock to the top for the free returns process with your order number. It’s on the shipping label or the back of the gift note (if you got one).

Online and Retail Returns

We take free returns in-store or online (except for Outlet purchases - see above). Returning by mail just means flying up to the top and picking your country. Otherwise, pick a store here and stop by to say hi!

Used Shoes

Lightly used or like new shoes are donated to our partner, Soles4Souls, who then distributes them to people in need.

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