Allbirds Bulk Ordering Program

Looking to snag some Allbirds for your entire flock? Well, good news: we’ve got you (and all of them) covered.


Corporate Parties

Give the gift of comfort!

Employee Gifts

Looking to earn some brownie points with the team? Allbirds is a great gift to reward your employees for all the hard work they do!


Spreading the holiday cheer with some of the comfiest shoes.

Got any questions?
Learn more below

General Questions

What qualifies as a bulk order?

Generally speaking, our bulk orders start at 100. If your order is below the 100 count, let us know and we can see if we can fulfill your order.

Which products are eligible for a bulk discount?

The following products on this page are eligible for a bulk order discount.
If there is a color that you want to add to the list, let us know and we can see if this is eligible for a discount.
As a heads up, new products or newly released Limited Edition colors are off limits to this program.

Can I order custom shoes?

Allbirds does not currently offer the option to customize shoes for an order. Customers often purchase Allbirds and send them off to a local embroiderer just as long as it does not cover, remove, or deface any our own branding.
We do however make custom laces and aglets

Do you do pop-up shopping events?

We are not currently offering any an in-person shopping experience at this time.

Do you offer samples?

We do offer samples. Please note that in the request form below!

Do you offer wholesale accounts or dropshipping partnerships?

As of now though, we are only selling direct to consumer and are not looking to wholesale our shoes.

I would love to place a bulk order, how do I get a quote?

If you want to inquire more, please fill out the contact form below. Can't wait to connect!


What shipping options do you offer for bulk orders and how long do they take to arrive?

Our standard shipping is 7-10 business days for larger orders. This will also give time for us to send extra shoes if you need them in a pinch!

Can I use my own FedEx/UPS account for bulk orders?

We are not able to accommodate for using third party accounts to ship your shoes. In addition to the discounts for large orders, we will also cover the cost to ship the shoes!

How much time do you need to fulfill my order?

We recommend a 4-week lead time to process your order. If you are planning to customize/embroider the shoes, we recommend a larger lead time to take your embroiderer into consideration.


What kinds of payment methods do you accept?

We accept credit cards, wire transfers, and ACH transfers. We also accept checks being mailed but tracking must be provided to ensure a secure delivery! And with all our payment forms, payment must be received before shipment of the shoes. We do not provide any net form of payment.

Do you charge sales tax on bulk orders?

We are required to charge sales tax based on the shipping destination.


Can I return all or part of my bulk order?

We recommend buying 15% over the expected quantity and return that 15% of unused shoes. That way, you have the shoes on hand to help with swapping out sizes!
As a heads up - if you decide to return that 15% you would have to ship the shoes back at your own cost.

What if some of my gift recipients want to return or exchange their gift?

We typically allow one round of exchanges when the order is initially received. After this round, the order will be marked as final sale.