Your Allbirds are Built to Travel

So in all likelihood, they will get pretty dirty. Don't worry, we thought about that.

Cleaning your Allbirds

Your Allbirds shoes are washable! Cleaning your Allbirds is a cinch and they won’t lose anything in performance or shape after being washed. To clean your Allbirds, remove the insoles and laces and brush off excess dirt with a towel or soft brush.

Throw the shoes in the washing machine on the wool/delicates cycle (cold water). We recommend using a linen bag or pillowcase. Use a gentle detergent and avoid bleach at all costs. If you’d like a refresh of your insoles, wash them by hand for best results.

Do NOT tumble dry – air dry your Allbirds like the good ol’ days! Let them dry for at least 24 hours and you should see a fresh pair of Allbirds ready for the next adventure. Just reinsert the insole and the laces and get on with your day.

For more on how to wash your running shoes, visit our guide here.

Replace your Insoles

Feet stink. It’s a fact of life, and usually it’s the absorbent insoles that are the main culprit of a smelly shoe. We want you to wear your Allbirds for a long, long time, so we offer premium replacement insoles—high cushion, lined with our merino fabric—at a fraction of other replacement insoles on the market. These insoles are designed for plush comfort and are made with vegetable oil to put the spring back in your step. You can even use Allbirds insoles in any of the other shoes in your closet—amp up the comfort level in all your shoes thanks to our soft, sustainable Merino wool blend.

Allbirds insoles use renewable materials, including castor bean oil-based foam, eucalyptus tree fiber, and our ZQ Merino wool blend.

In the spirit of a good refresh, pick up new replacement laces, made with post-consumer plastic bottles. (One pair of shoelaces equals 1 recycled water bottle!)


How to Wash Wool Allbirds

We use only the most natural of materials. That’s why our shoes are so comfortable to wear and so easy to clean. Allbirds has always sought to replace petroleum-based synthetic materials with natural alternatives whenever we can.

From superfine merino wool that uses 60% less energy to process than typical materials, to lightweight eucalyptus tree fibers, we’re committed to renewable materials. We’ve even invented our own—like SweetFoam®, our shoe sole material derived from the world’s first carbon negative green EVA—and invested in novel solutions, like our 100% natural, plant-based leather.

Fortunately, you don’t have to worry because the instructions are the same as with every pair of Allbirds, wool or not. Simply follow the instructions above to end up with a fresh, clean pair of shoes.

Learn more about our materials.

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