Treading Lighter, Together

Created with adidas, FUTURECRAFT.FOOTPRINT shows what’s possible when competitors work together as collaborators—an ultralight running shoe that clocks in at just 2.94kg CO2 a pair. And we’re just getting started.

Imagining A Carbon-Neutral Future

As with most endeavors, this one began with the question of “where can we reduce?” And that prompt remained with us through every step of the process. It inspired us to use natural and recycled materials. Convert Tier 1 factories’ energy towards a renewable model. Neutralize shipping emissions. Even reimagine packaging with less air, and thus, less weight. Because the reduction is in the details.

A Footprint To Fit The Planet

Each team’s first performance shoe to clock in at less than 3kg CO2e per pair—2.94kg CO2e to be exact. Sure, it’s not zero yet. But by turning a competitor into a collaborator, we sped up our progress across the board. It’s the first step in our journey together. Proof that when we work in tandem, we can do better business for our planet.

Learn more about what went into a measurement of 2.94kg CO2e.

The Numbers Don’t Lie

Which is why we put them right where you can see them, on the outsole of every pair. Putting a product’s footprint front and center will begin to force us to consider how the things we make (and buy) impact the planet. To hold ourselves, and each other, accountable.

An Important First Step

Two competitors sharing ideas and resources? An idea most businesses would scoff at. Which is what makes FUTURECRAFT.FOOTPRINT a collective stride forward for an entire industry. The hope is we spur others to follow. To continue setting an example, we’re continuing our work with adidas. Scaling the innovation discoveries from our 12-month collaboration. And not stopping until we have a footprint to fit the planet.